• Nemanja Drobnjak

    Software Engineer and Web Developer – Zurich, Switzerland

Work experience

About me

Master student at EPFL with more than five years of development and coding experience and more than two years working as a freelancer. Currently I am writting master research thesis in the area of business modelling and IT, or more precisely, web development.


IT consulting – Working and helping different IT and gaming organizations in Serbia; 
Web development – Past activities in student associations, extracurricular activities and projects;
VR technology – Highly interested in this area; previous work experience with 3D models and WebGL. 


Basketball –  Playing FIBA 3×3 tournaments.
Writing short stories – Mostly about the people, their feelings, trying to motivate them to help each other, and create better community.

  • MD Systems

    Software Engineer – Internship

    Full stack web development with Drupal CMS. Working on design, customer solutions and CRM software.

  • EPFL

    Research Scholar

    Laboratory for Systemic Modelling – Using Carl Jung’s psychology types in business modelling process.

  • TechSpark Academy

    Head of Digital Marketing and Community development

    Working part-time. Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns. SEO, website development and social media management.

  • PIX4D

    Software Engineering – Internship

    Web front-end development with JavaScript and 3D libraries. Technical Lead on Pix4D Globe project.

  • EPFL

    Web Development – Intern

    Working with the LCA laboratory on the Genomic Privacy WordPress web project.

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